Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm still here...

I'm not even gonna talk about it. I'm here, now, let's just deal with it.

I'm here, in Los Angeles. Back from Norfolk, Virginia and from New Orleans, Louisiana, and even a tiny stint moving from Denver and San Diego.

Back from unemployment, at least for now. With an exciting job. With writers.

I mean, I say it's an exciting job, but I really just get people their lunch. A few other random things, but lunch is pretty much the bulk of my working hours.

Otherwise, I just sit around and talk to people or poke around the internet. Or this week, listening to baseball.

But I totally should be writing, but I'm not.

I feel really bad about that. I sometimes have deep unsatisfaction in myself because of that.

It's a problem. I've spent so much time freelancing PA jobs (read: unemployed), just worrying about how I'll make ends meet. It's hard to transition from worrying about having enough money to eat, to now"working" full time, making money, and somehow having huge chunks of time to just sit in the office and write.

Only to Not. Write. Anything.

It's a problem.

But I kind of wanted to just say it, put it out there. In the hopes that I can just get the fuck over it.

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