Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm gonna update this blog someday.

The last time I updated, I had just got my first movie job. Now the job is over, and the movie is gonna come out in two weeks. I'm seeing billboards for it all over the place, and it's the most surreal thing ever.

Now I'm working as a script coordinator on another animated movie for the same company. I'm way busier, doing the work of three people, but the production has less hours allotted for overtime, so I'm making less money overall. I'm pretty happy where I am, however. There's cool people, a fun environment, and I'm actually helping to make a movie.

Of course I have no idea what to blog about. I finished writing a Chuck spec, and sent that off to the Disney fellowship/NBC workshop. So while I'm waiting to see if anything comes from that (nothing will), I'm delving into various other projects. Including: actually reading a book for once, plodding through my netflix queue, watching DVR'd episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, going to see The Hurt Locker alone because it was popular several months ago and no-one wants to see it anymore, rediscovering my love for Star Wars CCG and consequently how bad I am at it, and re-analyzing what exactly I hated so much about my Homeschooled pilot (and trying to make it better, somehow).

Hmm. So maybe I can blog about 1) a book review 2)Thoughts about Wonderfalls/Solaris/The Hurt Locker 3)How amazed I am at how much I remember about season 5 of The Next Generation, considering it was 18 YEARS AGO, and I was SIX YEARS OLD!! 4) What decks I'm making to play at the SWCCG Cali states, and why I won't win any games with them at all, and 4)How hard writing is.

As usual, lest you have forgotten...I am a huge nerd.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Walk the line

Hi internet. It's been a while.

Since we last spoke, I've eaten unspeakable amounts of turkey and holiday ham, conquered countless nations in CivIII, undergone several major repairs to my car, stopped working at starbucks, and (drumroll) got my first real industry job.

Yes, in a strange twist of fate, I seem to have been the only person in the country to have actually GAINED employment in the month of december. I'm now working for Unnamed Big Animation Studio--which coincidentally enough is under the same umbrella company as the Unnamed Big Studio of my summer internship days. In fact, I'm only about 5 blocks away from my old stomping grounds at UBS.

I'm a PA on the feature, and it's a pretty great gig so far. Cool people all around, a great working environment, and already lots of stories to tell--which I'm not sure if I'll end up telling to you, internet.

I'm not sure about the whole "blogging from work" thing--it's good on the one hand that it gives me something concrete to blog about, something that changes every day constantly providing new material. But it's bad on the other hand that if I say too much, and the right (or wrong!) person discovers said blog, I'll no longer have a job to blog about. Or to be paid for.

It's a fine line, one I'm not yet sure if I can walk.