Friday, July 18, 2008

In which too many nerds descend on an ill-fitting back room

The writers meetup was a great success--if you gauge success by how many people you can cram into a hot, sweaty back room of a pub. Which I do.

Probably the most surreal part of the night was being recognized by people who read this blog. I'm using the word "read" very liberally, since this blog is not updated nearly enough to garner regular readers. Also nice was meeting people who I know through their blogs, which made me realize that the internet is now at the point where the people you meet in real life are more or less like their online personas. Which means Amanda is actually a twenty-something college graduate that looks like the picture on her blog, and not a 40-year-old pervert who enjoys pretending to be one.

That's all I can really blog right now. Between my UBS internship (which is going swimmingly), apartment hunting, the inevitable crushing sense of failure and despair that apartment hunting brings, Spanish homework, working at Starbucks, and finding time to write my infamous Chuck spec, blogging has sort of fallen by the wayside recently. Hopefully things will settle down soon.