Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Warning, this post contains a lot of quote marks.

I'm taking a break from my re-write to blog for a bit. Half because I need something to do in the space between re-writing the teaser and act one, and half because of the immense guilt I have for such a long space between real updates.

If you have no life and you've been visiting regularly, You might have noticed that my status bar went from "Galactica spec" to "Galactica spec, 2nd draft" to the now puzzling "Galactica spec, draft 2.5" Allow me to offer a feeble explanation. The original draft of the Galactica Spec was outlined on Spring Break, and went to teleplay on Easter break. I finished it about 2 1/2 weeks ago.

For those who were keeping count, that was 9 weeks. Damn

And, like all of Ernest Hemingway's first drafts, it was shit. There were a lot of space battles, which I found exciting, but when I re-read it, I realized that they really didn't add up to anything. The conflict was weak, and poorly defined, the characters reacted in convinient and inconsistent ways, and there were subplots that went absolutely nowhere.

So, for my "second draft" I did something really smart. I threw it all out. Except for the three scenes I had for the "C Story" (which promptly became my new "A Story"), I repeatedly and happily pressed the "delete" key. And then I wrote a quick "second draft" (quote-unquote), which focused more on people than space battles. Okay, people and robots. Sue me.

I "finished" that draft about 5 days ago. I put that in quotes because there were a lot of holes, and places where I needed to write real dialogue, or even entirely new scenes. But I had something to print out, and set in front of me and my Pilot G2 click gel-pen. And now, after almost a week of analysis and planning, and scribbling all over the script, I've just started on an actual re-write. The first of many.

I was shooting for the Disney Fellowship deadline, which is July 1st, but it doesn't look like I'll be able to scramble it together in that time. Oh well. There's always next year.

Right now I'm aiming for 2 deadlines: The Scriptwriters Network Television Outreach which is July 7th, and the Creative Screenwriting Expo Competition which I'll have until July 31st for the normal deadline, and August 14th for the last minute deadline. The Scriptwriters Network is appealing because all entries recieve feedback - and I'm kind of hungry for feedback.

Speaking of which, any of you guys (real life friends or not) is more than welcome to take a look at it when it's done. Just let me know via comments or e-mail. I'm out for as much feedback as I can get.

And I'm not really sure how to segue into this request, so here goes. I'm out for some advice:

I'm thinking about taking a UCLA extension class online over the summer semester. I've heard things about how UCLA classes are a great way not only to get feedback on your scripts, but also an opportunity to make contacts within the industry. The class I'd like to eventually take is an intermediate TV writing class, which results in writing a full spec (with notes from the professor and the class). And of course, it has a prerequisite: *gasp* a beginning TV Writing class. It results in a complete outline for a TV episode, which is something that'd definitely be useful for me. A solid outline would have saved me a lot of grief with this spec.

So I'm thinking: I'll take the prerequisite now, while I'm not doing anything (except working on my final project script with Andrew. Oh, and working. heh, yeah that), and when I move out to LA and get settled, I take the intermediate class. I get a spec, and contacts. And guided experience, which isn't that bad of a deal.

The summer class starts July 11th, and it costs $575. What do you guys think? is it worth it?

Friday, June 22, 2007

I am 8 years old again

Oh man. 2008 cannot be farther off. (farther off? further off? farthing off? furlong off?)

Oh yeah, and I'm still alive, I promise.