Friday, April 06, 2007

What I did last weekend

Last week was crazy, otherwise I would have blogged about this sooner. But now I have time, and I can tell you: last Friday night, myself and a few of my fellow freedom fighters engaged in some culture jamming on the behalf of Governor Worf.

Let me explain. Last semester, in Philly, my roomate Brian gave me a most thoughtful christmas present: a Governor Worf action figure from Tower Records. (Tower Records was also going out of business at the time, and thus the figure only cost him $2.) For those unfamiliar with Star Trek:The Next Generation, allow me to give a short history of the character.

Lieutenant Commander Worf was the first Klingon in Starfleet, and served on board the Enterprise (and later on the the Defiant as First Officer, and Deep Space Nine as Strategic Command Officer), and had a repuation as a ruthless warrior and all-around badass. But that is not the action figure I recieved. No, This figure was based the character as he appeared in the series finale ("All Good Things..."), where he was shown in the future as an old man, a greying bureaucratic Governor of an obscure Klingon colony . Essentially, it is the least bad-ass action figure you could possibly imagine.

But I, being the nerd that I am, loved it and kept it for the treasure that it is.

Fast forward to this semester. Back in Grantham, I move in with Dan. Upon seeing the glory of Governor Worf, we unanimously decide that something needs to be done with him. So we elected him Governor of our dorm room; and thus Miller 212 became Worfengrad. Using the Legos I had brought with me from home, we constructed a throne for him--complete with an ear-level stand for Prime Minister Yoda (a must for every scheming power-behind-the-throne).

Fast forward (again) to a few weeks ago. I get a mass e-mail that elections for the Student Government Association are coming up. For those who don't know, SGA elections are kind of a joke. Almost all of the people running were completely unopposed, thus making the act of voting for them utterly pointless. I mean, you might as well vote for a fictional character, it'll make about the same amount of difference.

And so, taking a page from Defective Yeti's book, I decided to launch an election campaign for our dear Governor. Or, more specifically, a propaganda campaign. What follows are the results:

I think the funniest thing is that there were several people who thought that they were for an actual candidate. If only. There's no write-in on the ballots, otherwise I have no doubt that we would have actually won the election.

Oh well, there's always "Worf 2008"


Emily Blake said...

That is so dorky it's lapped itself and become cool.

Does anybody NOT have that Yoda statue?

At NC State a few years ago "The Pirate Captain" ran for student council president. He dressed and acted like a pirate at all times and the election had the largest turnout ever. He won. Unfortunately he was a horrible leader.

Andrew said...

Come to think of it, in all of the excitement over Worf, I don't think I actually got around to voting at all.

lucy said...

Das ist ja KLASSE!

"I am NOT a merry man."

Worf ist immer mein Lieblingscharakter gewesen... :P

Mackenzie said...

haha... you so rock my socks off. Worfengrad rocks my socks off... oh man. and I don't even like star trek.

Captain Shar said...