Friday, September 29, 2006

Okay, I'm back.

Just dropping in to say: no, I'm not dead - only resting.

False. I'm actually pretty busy. Turned in two projects last week: I performed a waiting for Godot scene with Matt (Wells) - and kicked it's ass, if I (along with some GRAD STUDENTS) may say so myself. I think I like directing, and (perhaps even more surprising) I think I like acting too. And apparently I'm pretty okay at it. Go figure.

As if that wasn't enough, I also turned in the first scene from "Gone" in class. Which - perhaps for reasons of Karma - kicked my ass. The dialogue was much too sparse, and didn't translate very well to a public reading in front of class. And it also flowed way too quickly, and didn't leave enough room for the emotion to really resonate. And on top of all that, I need to know my characters a lot more. All of which are very valid points, and hopefully ones I can use when I rewrite the scene for next monday.

Also: Liz is gone this weekend for auditions in Grantham - along with Katie Behrens, Steve Kirsh and Steph Leh. Which makes this "common text immersion weekend" that much harder to bear. I'm trying to find ways to cope. Apparently blogging is one of them.

Monday, September 11, 2006

sorry, all other weekends. I'm the best.

Okay, I promised I wouldn't do this again, but this one'll be short. This weekend blew the other three out of the water. Really just cause of what happened at about 9:30 on September 10th. Yes, dear blogging world, as of Sunday night, myself and a certain Liz (with three letters) are now officially "a couple", or "going out", or "boyfriend and girlfriend" or whatever nomenclature you prefer. Except courting (Let's just get this straight now, we are NOT courting. Sorry, Josh Harris. I'm sure you'll get over it).

Apologies to all my screenwriting bloggers out there. I promise I'll start blogging my progress on Gone soon. Truth is, I just need to be working on it a lot more than I currently am, because as of now I'm just relying on the screenwriting class to motivate me to work. Which is fine, except we haven't started to write yet.

But not now. Right now I need to read for Eco-Urban hell.

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Once and Future Weekend.

I seem to be in a routine where I update once a week - but I only to write about the preceeding weekend. I'll have to break this habit eventually. But not right now.

Due to my awesome schedule (of only having classes 3 days a week), combined with the extra day off for Labor day, I found myself with a 5 day weekend this week. I said to myself, "Gee, what am I going to do with all this FREE TIME." And then, I remembered that Temple's schedule does not allow for a fall break of any kind (except for Thanksgiving). And so I decided on relatively short notice to go home this weekend. At my dad's suggestion, I rode the Chinatown bus. It goes from Philly's Chinatown to New York's Chinatown, to...Virginia Beach. I'm still not quite sure how that last one works, as Virginia Beach does not have a Chinatown (although they have enough of a Filipino population to have a Philippinestown if they wanted to) - we ended up at a strip mall, in the parking lot of a Subway. Meh. It was 60 bucks, round trip. Way cheaper than the Train.

And what better way to spend my first day back than taking my sister to get her wisdom teeth ripped from her head? The operation went pretty smoothly, it wasn't until post-op that trouble arose. She didn't react so well with the anesthesia, and I ended up playing the good brother role and held back her hair as she repeatedly threw up blood into a trashcan (I really hope Lenee doesn't read this...she'd probably kill me if she found out I was telling this to the world).

Now, some of you may already know this about me, but due to some freak accident in my genetic structure, I have no wisdom teeth. "No," you may be saying, "you can't possibly mean that, can you? They just haven't come in yet, right?" Well, you would think so, my friend, but the truth is that they just aren't there. According to my local dental professionals, I am one of those few lucky bastards that will never have to go through the expensive, painful, and psychadelic ordeal that is oral surgery. For the longest time, I felt slighted, like I'd somehow been cheated out of an integral episode of life that everyone else shared, but I would never experience. Well, after staying with my sister as she yarked up blood all over her brand new white shirt, I think I'll choose to pass on the extra wisdom for now. I'll just chalk it up as a loss and move on.

Anyway, I spent most of the weekend either hanging out with my family, or with Chris and Marybeth (and newly deported former Richmonder Zach). I realized something about my friends this weekend: as I get older and older, the number of my "home" friends shrinks more and more. This is both because I tend fall out of touch with people, and just can't really keep up the friendship without regular contact, and also because many of the people I DO continue to keep in touch with ultimately end up moving away. It gets to the point where I can only call 3 people to see while I'm home: One I end up hanging out with, One doesn't call me back, and One is currently moving out to Seattle (and by currently, I mean "in the car driving along the interstate in with her roomate". No joke).

It makes me feel both popular and lonely at the same time. I looked at a map of the United States today, and counted all of the states where my friends live. As it turns out, I have friends not only in Virginia and Pennsylvania, but also in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, Texas, Colorado, Washington, California, and Alaska. That's not even counting friends I have from school that who go home to New Hampshire, Maryland, Hawaii, Alabama, etc.

But as my circle of friends grows more national, the less Virginia feels like home. I mean, sure; my family still lives here, and so do a couple of friends from church, but by and large most of my friends from High School are gone. In a way that's good, because I end up spending much more time with my family than I would otherwise, but still... I miss being able to go Starbucks with old friends, laughing, drinking coffee, and catching up on what's going on in their lives.

Sigh. I suppose that's what High School reunions are for. Do homeschooling groups even have reunions?

Well, anyway. After a few short days of wisdom teeth, some used DVD action, Settlers of Catan, Sushi, Yard Sales, and Greek food, it came time to do the homework I'd been putting off. I'd like to take this moment to let everyone know my complete and utter disdain for my Messiah Philly class. Yes, Eco-Urban Footprints of Post-Metropolis Life: examining the integral relationship of natural and social ecologies in the urban environment will most likely be the least enjoyable class I've ever taken. Way too much reading (in badly-written textbooks), pointless reading responses, on a subject I have next to no interest in, and all taught by a professor way too scholarly and intellectual for his own good. Oyg.

In other news, I've been reading Stephen King's "On Writing" for my screenwriting class, and that is heaven compared to that OTHER class. That book's been my refuge for when my brain gets all tied up from too much Urban Ecology scholarly bullshit.

Okay. Next time, no weekend update. I'll update on, like, a Thursday or somthing. Deal? deal.

UPDATE: As Sharon so insightfully brought to my attention, in my angry exposition of my class, I seem to have forgotten to mention the single saving grace of that class: I'm taking it Pass/Fail. Which means I only have to do 70% of the work, at C-level quality. It's still f*cking annoying.