Saturday, June 03, 2006

New Attitude

So I got back to Messiah on Thursday, and I'm now full swing into post-Conference mode. Normal life has restarted, monotony and all, and I'm left to sort out everything that happened at New Attitude. It was a great experience all around, and I feel almost like I'm going into withdraw (gotta get my fix, gotta get my fix).

A lot of it may have to do with the spectacle (see previous post), but I think a lot more of it had to do with the people. Being around cool people both from Virginia Beach and Harrisburg (as well as Richmond, Wytheville, and many others) was just a great time, especially considering that I won't see some of them until Thanksgiving/Christmas or later. I felt kinda sad telling them all that I was staying in Grantham, Pennsylvania for the rest of the summer ("Oh, summer classes?" "Well, no. Actually, I'"), but it was good to see them nonetheless.

Tangent: isn't it weird how the connotations of "summer school" change from high school to college? If you take summer classes in High School, it's because you failed classes, and need to re-take them in order to graduate on time (at least from my understanding, non-homeschooled friends can help me out with this...). But in college, more often than not, people taking summer classes do so because they want to finish up their credits early (or on time, because they have so MANY of them). In summation, then: High school summer school student=slacker, College summer school student=overachiever/just regular achiever. Tangent over, continuing:

But even more than the people, I feel rejuvenated from all that was said at the conference. I may not agree with Sovereign Grace (my denomination--oh wait, I mean "family of churches") on absolutely everything, but one thing I am very thankful for is their emphasis on the gospel. The gospel is at the center of everything we do, and this conference was no different. The theme was "Humble Orthodoxy", and the whole conference was basically about how we don't need to reinvent Christianity to make it cool, we need to rediscover the truth of the gospel--which is already cool enough. Of course, there's nothing wrong with dressing the gospel in a different way (whether that means acoustic guitars or house churches or circular screens [again, see previous post]), but if we reinvent to the point of changing what we believe, what have we accomplished?

I could go on about all the specific messages, and which ones were meaningful to me, but I could seriously do a whole blog post about each of them. Ask me if you're really interested (no really, I'd love to talk about it sometime. Let me know). But I'll leave you with this thought, that has in reality nothing to do with the conference except that we saw it driving home from Loiusville:


Because obviously putting the bike in the truck would have just been too easy.

Okay, that's all for now. Be well! Jesus loves you! (and died just to prove it to you)

(...Eh, I'll probably post again in a month or so.)

UPDATE: Oh yeah, and in addition:


Luther is the man.