Sunday, May 28, 2006

Stargate SGM

Just a warning, for those of you not Sovereign Grace-minded, this post may mean nothing to you at all.

Anyway, I'm at New Attitude, and it's really good so far. The worship, the messages, the family groups, and just hanging out with people: it's all great. But I there was something that I felt needed more attention that was currently drawn to it.

Okay, so the conference is about embracing a "humble orthodoxy", and thus the obligatory tagline for the conference is "save the wheel" (as in don't reinvent it). Anyway, when I get here yesterday I see that keeping with the whole "wheel" theme, all of the screens are circular. Observe:



Anyway, the middle one caught my eye, for some reason...especially with this picture that was on the new attitude website:


I suppose this means that Captain Picard will no longer be the sole Sci-Fi icon that CJ is mistaken for:


Friday, May 19, 2006

moving, playing and wedding

Well, me and Dan (Dan and I) are completely moved into Hess 101, and I must say, the room looks pretty sweet (even if it is amazingly small). Yeah, we're half a campus away from everybody else, but we make our own fun--and I'll leave that last statement open to interpretation.

Chad's bachelor party was on wednesday, and it was probably the geekiest bachelor party I've ever been to (out of the two I've ever been to). After kidnapping him and going out to dinner (at a kickass place in Harrisburg called Appalachian Brewery Co.), we went bowling and then had the biggest Starcraft Orgy I've ever been a part of. Like seriously, 6-way teamed Starcraft can (and does) take HOURS. And then in the morning came the highlight: the one-shot D&D adventure with the craziest characters we could come up with. Sadly, however, neither my +1 Greatclub wielding Half-Ogre and Andrew's swashbuckling construct were put to much use, as our party spent the majority of the time wandering around an island in an airship, instead of smashing things like we should have been. Oh well.

In that vein, you'd be surprised how long people like that can keep up conversations with only World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons as subject matter. It's honestly kind of sad. For my part, I tried to inject other subject matters at the Rehearsal dinner. We started talking about TV shows and movies--which quickly turned from subjects such as Indiana Jones and Stargate SG-1 to some random anime where a guy pulls people's hearts out. I gave up.

Anyway, the rehearsal was yesterday, and the wedding is today. While this isn't the first of my friends to get married, they are the first bride and groom that are this close to my age (in fact, I'm actually OLDER than the groom). It's kind of weird, too. They've been essentially engaged the entire time I've known them, but now that they're getting married...I dunno. I'll still have to get used to the fact that more and more of my friends are having sex on a regular basis.


Friday, May 05, 2006


Well, the film festival was pretty good, and my film, "Projecting" got a pretty good reception. It didn't win any of the all-new "audience awards" --most of those went to Jim and Matt--but I got some positive comments by people whom I respect, so I'm happy. Expect to see it online--or at least on one of the servers--fairly soon.

I feel pretty good about film now (as I usually do after I finish one). I'd say more, but I'm uber tired. maybe some other time.

In other news, today (aka Hell Day) is over. Which, incidentally means that most of my stress is as well. I've just got a paper to re-write over the weekend, as well as a portfolio to get ready for, and an exam to study for on tuesday. And then I'm starting my new job on the 10th. Hoo-rah. And then moving in with Dan. Hoo-rah x2.