Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Good, good, and suck

The shoot went rather swimmingly, a huge thank you to all involved. I now only have about 3 shots left, which I'll take care of tomorrow night.

I was in kind of a good mood after that, even after I had a job interview at 8:30 today. Which I nailed, by the way. Yes, it is now official. I will be staying in PA over the summer. I will also be staying in Hess Dorm (apart from everyone else in Bittner), as a "first responder" a.k.a. they'll pay me to help out any of the conference goers who need random crap. Meh. I'll live.

Of course, after those two ups, karma was bound to catch up with me. I've got a presentation to do for tomorrow, and I'm incredibly unmotivated to do anything about it. We've got our powerpoint together, but my notes are a jumbled mess. Eh. I'll get it together.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Re: Call to arms

Scratch that, reverse it. The shoot will start tonight at 9pm, not 8pm. Turns out there's gonna be a poetry reading in Parmer tonight from 7:30 until 8:30 or 9:00. So, I am going to reschedule the shoot tonight for after that. We'll be shooting the crowd scenes first, so that we can be done and the majority of you will be out of there as soon as possible. I can't say how long it'll take, but I can guarantee we'll get you guys out of there by 10.

Thank you all, and please, no matter who or where you up. And bring a friend. Or two. or eight.

Monday, April 24, 2006

A call to arms

I haven't updated in a while (which, by the way is the absolute WORST way to begin a post after a long hiatus), but I'd feel guilty spending too much time updating, so this'll be short.

I think...I'm okay. I had a film shoot last night, and got through probably 75% of the movie. I'm planning two more shoots, and then it should be over with. Let's hope that all the stressing out pays off in the end.

Oh, and on that note, I'm planning to shoot a crowd scene in Parmer Cinema at 8pm on Tuesday, and I think I need everyone reading this blog to be there if at all humanly possible. Come, bring a friend, and be prepared to act like angry theater patrons. I'm about 80% sure I'll be doing this, and if I don't, I'll post a warning on here. So do yourself a favor and check my blog before you head over.

See you there!

In other news, percentages take up 01.5% of this post (including that one)