Friday, February 03, 2006

Happy ballsday

Yesterday (and certain parts of today) have, I think, been a pretty good cap to my first two decades of life. And I must say, I feel pretty loved. First, my mommy sent me a present or three: a jazz CD, some candy, and these sweet gloves with fleece on the inside, wool on the outside, and leatherish pads on the palms; pretty much the most perfect pair of gloves that there can be. Now if only the weather would go ahead and be cold, I could use them.

Then, I got like a billion facebook messages, and that made me feel loved--even though that's probably the most superficial way to wish someone a happy birthday. Higher than that is phone calls/messages, of which I got quite a few--some even with singing. Then, after watching one of my favorite movies (Duck Soup), came the communal gift from my college friends of Settlers of Catan, something I said that I wanted on SUNDAY. Only college students. We then proceeded to play the game until probably about 11:30. A good time was had by all.

This was followed by a quasi-creeking involving Joel, Chad, and Michael bringing the yellow breeches to me--by lying in wait in the bathroom with buckets of creek water until I came to brush my teeth. A good time was had by all. The capstone to all of this came this morning when "Happy Ballsday" was written on my forehead by a visiting Greta C. Wink. And although it's already beginning to fade, the balls will always live on in my heart.

Anyway, it's been a cool 20 years so far, and let's hope you all aren't dead by the time I hit 40.

P.S. I meant on the first of the year to put up a "best movies of 2005" list, but I didn't have it finished in time. I then decided that I'd convert it to a "best movies of my 20th year" list, so that I could still have some semblance of a reason for posting it, but I still didn't get all of the blurbs done in time. So I'll turn it into a "best films of the indeterminate time period between the beginning of the 2005 calendar year and the present" list, and put it up whenever I feel like finishing it.