Wednesday, August 17, 2005

so yeah. My hard drive crashed. so no rapid-fire movie reviews for a little while at least. I'll try to post something at least before school, but don't be heartbroken if I don't.

(and thus ends the shortest and most pointless post ever to exist on Matt's humble blog...)

P.S. to give this post some semblance of meaning, here's some interesting information and such things on my former self:

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Auckgh, I'm getting veclempt! talk amongst yourselves, I'll give you a topic...

I’ve been wondering something:

Do I not update because my life is boring?

Or is my life boring because I don't update?

No seriously, stop and think about it. I think there may just be something to that idea. I think that maybe the act of updating my blog helps make my life less boring. Or rather, it makes me more aware of why my life isn’t really so boring after all.

In updating my blog, I normally write about something that happened in my life recently. And writing about something in my life forces me to think about my experiences, in whatever mundane way that may be (be it reviewing movies I’ve seen [—which I’m seriously behind in, by the way… -ed.], talking about people I’ve waited on, or just saying what I did that day). And thinking about it, whether I realize it or not, makes me evaluate my life as a whole.

And I suddenly appreciate all the little things in life, insignificant without proper perspective. But when looked upon in their entirety, at least provide enough material for a fairly interesting blog post. (At least. At most, they give me deep existential truths about mankind and existence—truths that, when properly organized, can be written into book form, sold to millions of people, thus giving me enough money to finally put into play my master plan for world domination!)

Woah. I never realized updating my blog was so important.

Meh. Maybe I’m just making things up, being overdramatic and shizz—but if I want an epiphany, I’m gonna have an epiphany, dangit!

P.S. Expect a post full of rapid-fire movie reviews soon. I’ve seen three movies since I’ve last posted, and with each one, I feel more and more guilty about not reviewing them. So I’m gonna get all my guilt out in one fell swoop, so be watching out for the proverbial swooping scythe/scimitar/machete/katana/some other exotic weapon/sharp object.