Wednesday, November 24, 2004

As if you needed proof...

I'm in VA right now, and very busy being lazy, so I'll finish the story later.

But just in case you were wondering, there is now scientific proof that nickelback sucks: The Webshite :: Nickelback

Sunday, November 21, 2004


Well, I haven’t done a good old fashioned blog post in a good long while. So since I just got back from Philly, I figgered I’ma gonna do a write up of that now.

My film class went to the Messiah College Philadelphia Campus, which is just a nicer name for a group of apartments across from at Temple University. They teach a couple classes there (like Bible, etc.), but the majority of classes are meant to be taken at Temple—which at first seems to be a good thing, since Temple has one of the top 5 film programs in the country. At first, students would take all their film studies classes at Messiah, and take production classes for 2 semesters at Temple. The problem is that now, since we have a full-time film production professor, we don’t really need to go to Philly anymore. Nonetheless, it’s still required(even though every single request for a waiver has been granted). Oyg.. nyways, Prof. Simmons is trying to make it optional, but as of now I’m gonna have to spend at least one semester there.

But anyway, I was selected among my peers because of my great strength and dexterity (aka raising my hand in a moment of weakness) to get the bagged lunches for the trip. I had to pick them up at 7:30—which was about a half-hour before the van was supposed to leave at 8. I was up til 2 the night before (quote-unquote) “doing homework”, and set my alarm for 6:45, giving me enough time to shower, dress and eat before picking up the lunches.

I’m not sure whether I turned it off in my sleep or just didn’t set it in the first place, but when I arose from my slumber, the red numbers on my clock definitely had one to many “8:00”s on it. Visions of spending the rest of the weekend in Grantham instantly sprung me from my bed, and into the rest of my shower-free weekend.

In a masterful feat of speed (and toe stubbing, and a good bit of swearing, too) I was dressed, with all my stuff, and out at Eisenhower circle by 8:03. By a miracle of God the van was still there (and of course the lunches which were picked up by Prof. Simmons). After profuse apologies, I took my place at shotgun in the van (being late does have it’s perks sometimes).
Now I, being the striking example of intelligence and responsibility, had left my pillow and sleeping bag on the floor of my dorm room. Since my dorm was pretty much on the way out, they graciously pulled up to my dorm, and let me run out real quick and get my sleeping accesories. And by run out real quick, I mean get a false start and fall flat on my face on the sidewalk.

A good start to the trip, if I do say so myself.

But I got them, got back in the van, and started driving to Philadelphia. I soon recovered from shock, and began to realize my predicament. I was still in my dirty clothes from yesterday, with no shower, no breakfast, no sort of personal hygiene routine whatsoever. (Well, I take that back. I DID put a dopple of toothpaste on my finger and rubbed it against my teeth before running out the door).

So yeah. A good start to the trip, if I do say so myself…

(To be continued later in PART II)

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Is it a...POLITICS post?

I figured that I’d wait until a week or so after the election to post about it, that way I avoid most, if not all, controversy. Well, that and I honestly wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it for a while. Oh, and I’m a slacker. Three good reasons for a late post.

But anyway, I voted for bush. He won. I should be happy. But for some reason, I’m not. I’m pro-life, and against gay marriage (although probably not for the reason you think I am. Immoral doesn’t necessarily mean it should be illegal), but unfortunately, almost everything else bush stands for I’m against.

Personally, the reason I voted for bush…The ONLY reason I voted for bush, was the fact that he will have at least 3 more supreme court appointments. This may sound like a moot point, but many people don’t know how close the court is to overturning Roe v. Wade. That’s right, we could get rid of abortion. It may be hard but it can happen.

But the fact that The US is still in Iraq after the Mission was “Accomplished”(and more people have died since our “victory” than before), Dick Cheney is still in office—and his former company:Halliburton, still has the largest rebuilding contract in Iraq(although the legality is being investigated.), and taxes still going primarily to the wealthy (check that link: The middle 20% gets $289 off their taxes, while the wealthiest 1% gets a $30,127 refund), has me wondering. I really, truthfully hope I made the right decision.

I hope and pray with all my heart that those 1.6 million children killed each year by clinical abortions will see justice. I don’t honestly know if that’ll happen. I hope to God it will, but I will hold my breath and see.

But until then, I’ll have to take the blame for everything else Bush does. Oyg.

Don’t worry, this means I’ll shut up about politics for a while now. Hopefully.

P.S. I must say, it must suck to be Elizabeth Edwards. First your husband loses a national election by a 2% or 3% margin, then you’re diagnosed with breast cancer. Dang. Pray for the Edwards’.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Fall @ Messiah





and, lastly, the continuing saga of the fire hydrant. Fire hydrant part two: fall