Thursday, October 28, 2004

My day

Note to self: When saying "So I was watching this X-files last night....", be sure to enunciate, and not say "So I was watching The Sex Files last night..."


Getting A on Intro to Film Midterm and Analysis Paper = teh sweet.

Taking the Midterm for International Cinema (And sucking. Really, really hard) = teh suck.

Having the screening for International Cinema cancelled tonight = teh sweet again (Especially since I would have most probably gone on a shooting spree at the first subtitle I saw. Freaking French. )

Watching Dirty Work instead = teh sweet

Having no homework due tommorrow = teh sweeter

Having no classes tommorrow until 3 = teh sweetest

Having a splitting open headache from caffeine withdrawal (from staying up til 6:30 writing a paper two days ago) = teh suckiest

Getting a Gmail invite = teh sweeter than teh sweetest


And on that note... I GOT A GMAIL INVITE!!!

....BUT I don't know what e-mail to get. Since it's invitation only at this point, most of the cool ones are left. But despite that, wasn't available, nor was, or even Oh the injustice.

So, if you guys have great ideas, send them to my current e-mail at And while you're doing that, I'll just be sitting here...HAVING A GMAIL INVITE.


UPDATE: I am now the proud owner of matthew.samuel.thornton [at] gmail [dot] com.

Boo yah.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Why Virginia is the Bestest State

Just got back from the best state out of all 49 (Don't forget that pesky non-existent Wyoming...). Although, in all fairness, Virginia is technically the coolest commonwealth, not state (the only other one in the union being Pennsylvania). Yeah. Totally no competition there.

And without further ado, why Virginia is the bestest commonwealth

10. We were here first—Jamestown, 1607. Four-freaking-hundred years. Yeah, Take that, sucka…
9. It’s already the month of October, and it’s still possible to go outside and not be able to see your breath.
8. Paul Thomas
7. There is no use whatsoever of turn signals. Most people don’t even know they have them.
6. There’s not a pacifist for miles. If there was, he would have been shot long ago.
5. Everyone knows that Bush is God’s chosen one, and Kerry is the devil incarnate.
4. Soda is soda—not pop, not coke, nor anything other than soda.
3. People know the wonders—and the horrors—of Chick-Fil-A.
2. We pump our OWN dang gas.
1. My bed is there: and last night, I got to sleep in it.


You don't realize how much you miss things, until you revisit them.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Staying up until 4 finishing a paper that was due yesterday (but realistically due anytime before the professor gets to his office the following morning) + having my 10:30 class cancelled on the syllabus + sleeping from 5 in the morning to 12:30 in the afternoon = pure bliss.

Going home tommorow. gots ta finish homework before then, though.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

...Are next to mountains anyway

One thing I don't think I'll ever get used to at messiah is not being able to see the horizon.

I know they're not really "mountains" per se. But they're certainly bigger than mt. Trashmore...

God, I can't wait for fall break...

Friday, October 15, 2004

A true american hero

Jon Stewart on Crossfire:


"I do think you're more fun on your show. Just my opinion."

"You know what's interesting, though? You're as big a dick on your show as you are on any show..."

Wonderful, wonderful man.

AIM and tobacco

me telling lenee how to set her away message after she spilt water on the mouse:

MovieMakinHobbit (1:39:01 PM): Just press the alt button and open the menu
MovieMakinHobbit (1:39:10 PM): and use the arrow keys to find it
popciclelovr (1:39:31 PM): ohh
popciclelovr (1:39:32 PM): i see
popciclelovr (1:39:42 PM): i didn't know about the little alt button
popciclelovr (1:39:45 PM): well i did
popciclelovr (1:39:59 PM): but i didn't know about all its marvelous powers

I love little sisters.

P.S. leaving anonymous messages isn't cool, jerk. That's the whole reason for the haloscan comments in the first place. you just have to type your freaking name in--you don't have to register for a service or anything(especially one you may or not feel the need to use...) Come on, don't restrict your constitutional right to freedom of speech by not signing your comment... I mean, what would our founding fathers think? (After they were done whipping their slaves, raping the Indian's land, and being capitalist scum, of course)

Please, If not for me, then out of respect for our ancestors. They founded this fine country because the motherland was infringing on their incredibly lucrative slave-powered industry of growing vile lung-killing tobacco. I mean, because they believed in freedom and liberty. Either way, sign your name, dangit.

Oh, and smoke a nice fat cigar, too. Make them founding fathers happy.

Saturday, October 09, 2004


I’ve been seeing THESE things all over the place:



They just struck me as the oddest thing ever. Why on earth are there mini-barber’s poles sticking out of every fire hydrant on campus? Being ever the optimist, I conjured up this situation:

Well, it’s obvious the reason they’re there. It’s to serve the hi-tech wireless network at our fine college. They need all the antennas to make sure that the wi-fi network covers the whole campus, and that their students can use their wireless-equipped laptops and portables to access the information super-highway even from the most remote sections of Messiah College. Just think, you could be sitting on the toilet, and while you’re waiting for nature to take its course you could be checking your stock portfolio, typing an e-mail, or even Instant messaging all your friends.

Friend: Hey.
Friend: What are you doing?
You: Well…
You: Talking to people, checking up on Xanga…
You: Oh, yeah. and taking a crap…

But ANYWAY… Come to find out Messiah doesn’t even have a wireless network, so that theory’s out.

My brain started to try to think of any other rational reason (You know, with the LAST one being rational and all, I figured I’d keep with tradition) of why they’d have those poles on top of the hydrants. I suppose a passing blind person could break it off if they somehow lost their walking stick (I’m sure there’s a more PC term for it, but if I wanna call it a walking stick, that’s what I’m gonna call it, dangit!). But then, there’s more practical storage and distribution methods for such things. Besides, the blind person wouldn’t be able to see it in the first place, so that’s out.

When I asked someone, they informed me of the somber truth. It’s so that when it snows, you’ll be able to tell where the hydrants were, so you wouldn’t plow into them.

Hmm…I think it’s time for some fuzzy math…
Approximate height of fire hydrant = 1.5 ft.
Approximate height of pole = 4 ft.
Largest amount of snowfall in Virginia Beach = maybe 6 or 7 inches, on a good year.

And that’ll close the schools.

Dang, this is gonna be one fun winter…

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Saga Continues..

The hardest blog entries to write are the ones after a long hiatus (aka almost a month). You know you need to write something—anything—just to satisfy the hunger of the unending masses (aka your readership). Not that it’s that hard to do, but you feel somehow that you have to give them something extra for waiting so incredibly long. The longer you wait, the more you need to give them, and the less you have to give. It’s a vicious cycle.

So I figured I wouldn’t do anything extra at all. That got most of the weight off my shoulders. Unfortunately, it didn’t rid me of all the stress of nonupdateageness. So I decided (always being the overachiever) to go the extra mile and relieve all of the stress all at once, and just post some crappy meaningless update not worrying at all about satisfying my readers.