Friday, September 10, 2004


Oh, and by the way:A puppy shot a guy.

Yeah, sorry about the lack of updatingnessage. But I've been like swamped with stuff and things, and in general crap.

Don't worry. It's good crap. But crap nonetheless. Well, friends, family, parents (yeah, my parents read my blog. FREAKY!), I'm taking the week off for updating. And by week, I mean an undetermined amount of time that will end when I am no longer opposed to the idea of updating.

Monday, September 06, 2004

So. Freaking. Cool.

So I’m at the student union, doing some homework, watching this band “lovedrug” do a sound check.

This sets off thoughts of “dang, I wish I was in a band. A nice, small, indie band. That would be so cool; going around to random gigs, getting paid random money. Not a whole lot of money, but at least enough money to get by. And getting paid for what? Manual labor? No! Getting paid for playing music. For playing your OWN music. Dang. That would be cool. so. freaking. cool. Oh yeah, and this band is pretty good, too.”

They finish the sound check, and half the band goes straight to the computers, to update their Xanga.

Isn’t it weird what the stage does to people? It makes them seem a whole lot bigger, taller, better, and more important than we are. When in fact, they really just do the same, geeky things we all do. They’re just normal people, who happen to get paid to play music.

Which is so. freaking. cool.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

There was always someone carrying...

My roommates are players in their own minds. They talk about girls, money and cars. And by cars I mean money, and by money I mean girls. I mean, we haven’t even been at college for a whole week, and they’re already trying to hook up. They don't seem to much care who, just so long as it's nice to look at.

I guess this shouldn’t really surprise me. I mean, I probably think about girls just as much, maybe even more than they do. They’re just dumber than me, and actually talk about it. To them.

Already I’ve turned down a couple of offers from them to “hook me up”. Not that I doubt their unquestionably exceptional matchmaking skills, it’s just that…well actually, I do doubt their unquestionably exceptional matchmaking skills.

No offense to these fine young men, but they’re definitely coming from the wrong perspective. I don’t wanna get on a big moral high horse here, but I hold to the ideal of biblical masculinity and femininity. Men should be the leaders, take the initiative, and protect the ladies. But they’re also called to care for and about them, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. And seeing them only as objects; as something with boobs to look at, really undermines that whole ideal.

And that’s why I open doors for them. That’s why I don’t let them carry their own trays from the table. It’s not cause I’m sexist, or because I don’t think they can do it by themselves; It’s because every time I see a girl holding the door open for a guy, or carrying a huge load of books to class, I see some guy that’s not doing his job. Some guy that refuses to grow up and be a man.

Let’s be real. Holding doors and carrying trays doesn’t make you a man. It shows what’s on the inside. It shows that you value and respect the ladies you come into contact with. It shows you care enough about them to put them before yourself, even if it is a bit more inconveniencing to you. It shows you’re not in middle school anymore.

Yeah. I’m sorry for preaching. But for all you guys that read this (all 2 of you, 1 if you count out those in my immediate family), grow up. It’s not cool to not care. Deal with it.