Wednesday, June 30, 2004

End of a legend

Trogdor has sadly met an untimely end. No not the green burninator of old, but my 1985 Honda accord, affectionately named for the green burninator of old.

I’ve told some of you the story, but for posterity, here it is in it’s entirety:

It was a sweltering Sunday morning. Deep inside the Thornton castle, a young prince sat down to breakfast. As he ate, he could not help but feel sad for his noble steed below in the stables. He was a strong young stallion, and had taken a liking to the boy. He had given him the name Trogdor, after the infamous dragon that had burninated their countryside so long ago. But a few weeks earlier, the princess, who had just gotten her learners permit, left him out after dark, and he had fallen ill. He simply could not regain strength to run.

Sensing the young prince’s troubles, his evil father, King Randolf, offered to help him. He said to the prince, “I shall use my steed, Magneta, and run alongside yours, giving it a ‘jump’ so to speak.” The prince saw no wrong in this, and agreed.

But less than an hour later, as they were speaking to one another before mass, a loud neigh went out from the field, and pierced the heart of the young prince. He ran to the window, to see his noble steed dead on the ground, Magneta standing next to it.

He then took it to the shop, only to find it needed a new radiator, and had permanent engine damage. Or wait…

Sorry, I couldn’t really keep it up for that long. But yeah, my car is totaled, and I’m driving my dad’s stick shift. Which, by the way, isn’t as hard as I imagined it to be. I’m enjoying it so far.

P.S. At least I didn’t end up like This person.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Matt on the Road pt. 3 – 6/21/04 2:29 PM Guadalupe Time

Sleep, sweet sleep. After a long first day in Mexico, We got to bed around 10:30, which is 12:30 Virginia Beach time. I was enjoying sleep surprisingly well, given the fact that my mother packed Ian’s rock hard pillow for me instead of my own. But rock and all, it was a nice sleep, as far as sleeps go.

Then at 5:30 sharp, came Big Ben. Or at least that what we’re calling Maxwell’s clock right now. It’s surprising how much this little alarm clock resembles the tower of London’s own fair wake-up call. Except that the tower of london happens to be on the other side of the earth. And there it should stay.

I had asked to wake up at 5:30, though. Like a lot of the other people, I had decided to go to “the hill”. Now just because “the hill” is in quotation marks, doesn’t mean it’s all that special. It’s just your basic hill, except it has a cross made from two iron girders stuck in the ground at the summit (if a hill can have a summit).

We went up there to have our quiet times, and it was very peaceful. Even in the desolate desert I could see the handiwork of God’s creation. It may sound weird, but from the rolling sand dunes, to the desert foliage, to the mountains surrounding us in all directions, it all spoke to me about how great nature is. A lot of people think of the desert as just a big desolate, uninhabitable region of land, when just the opposite is true. We need deserts, just as much as we need oceans, mountains, or forests. It’s all part of the same earth, and everything plays an equal part in the balance. But anyway, back to the hill. I was just in awe. Here was something that was so much bigger than I was. All the grandeur I was witnessing was only a small part of it.

But running right through the middle of all of this was an old rusted barbed wire fence. I’m not sure why, but the fence made me mad. Here was this landscape of near perfection, and some guy had to put his freaking fence right through the middle. What irreverence! What disrespect! Or, as my sister would say: ”dude, that’s wack!”. It’s like he just thought “Screw you, nature, you’re not THAT great. Behold the awesome grandeur of man: jagged rusted metal twisted around distorted tree trunks stuck in the ground to establish a boundary between me and my fellow man, whom I detest in the highest sense of the word…”

Well, actually, I doubt the dude was really thinking all of that when he made the fence. Anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no hippie environmentalist or anything. But the Good Lord gave us one earth. And it was a Good one (or at least that’s what HE said). Let’s not ruin it too much, okay?

Sunday, June 27, 2004


Well, I just got back from mexico, and I know i'm gonna sound like a geek, but....well, never mind. I AM a geek, not just sounding like one. Yeah, so I sort of "updated" my blog down there. Some would call it a journal, just on my computer, but they sound more like blog entries than anything else. So I'll be posting them pretty frequently the next week or two. The first one's up already.

Matt on the Road pt. 2 – 6/20/04 4:57 PM Guadalupe Time

Well, we just got to the orphanage. And I must say, my first day in Mexico has been a bit disorienting so far, to say the least. This could possibly be due to the fact that I’m in a different country that’s two time zones away.

The first object of my disorientation was the sign that we passed today. It said: “You are now leaving the United States of America”. Woah. Talk about weird. I now have no rights.

As we passed the border, it was just a bit interesting to see that the line to get INTO the U.S. was significantly longer than the one to get out. That’s symbolic of a lot of the differences between America and Mexico.

An obvious one is the language. Right after we passed the first sign, we were greeted by another one that read: “Beinvenidos al Mexico”. And suddenly, ALL the signs were in Spanish. I must say, it was a bit odd. I guess in the back of my mind I still thought Spanish was just an imaginary language that no-one REALLY spoke, but said that kids should take anyways. Because it “might come in useful someday”.

Anyways, we went to church in Juarez today. And I must say, it was a bit odd. It felt a lot like a SGC service, just…IN SPANISH. My recollection of my 3 years of Spanish has been a bit elusive to me so far. During the announcements, whenever I was even a bit close to catching what the pastor was saying, he suddenly decided to talk five times faster, thus causing major confusion among my brain cells.

He caused even more when, after another barrage of Spanish, he suddenly without warning switched to English, and said “Would you please stand for us?”. Not knowing what else to do, we stood. Apparently the congregation thought that was enough, because they clapped.

Luckily, Eric was invited to give the sermon, and the pastor translated. A bit strange, and it took twice as long (or he had half as much to say, depending on how you look at it). It was weird, though, when he said something funny, and we would all laugh, then the guy would translate, and none of the Mexicans would. Psh.

After our first “REAL” Mexican meal, we set out onto the road for Guadalupe. I noticed that Mexico must have many less automobile laws than we do, since almost none of the cars that I saw on the road would have ever passed state inspection in Virginia. One van’s sliding door obviously wouldn’t shut, one had TWO missing tail-lights, and one had a duct tape bumper.

I think that may be a bit telling of the strictness of Mexican law in general. At the orphanage, we’re going to have to burn all of our trash, including toilet paper (don’t ask). Doesn’t matter whether it’s toxic, non-toxic, or explosive, it all goes into the burn pile.

Dean (the guy who runs the orphanage) said a big difference between the United States and Mexico is: In the U.S., you expect things to be safe, and if they aren’t, you sue. In Mexico, you assume everything to be dangerous, and you thank God on His throne above if it’s not.

But don’t get the wrong idea. It’s overall pretty good here. It’ll take some getting used to, but I think I’ll be okay living here for the next week.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Matt on the Road

6/20/04 7:01 AM El Paso Time

Well, we’re here in El Paso. My body feels like its almost 9 o’clock, but the alarm clock says something different. Oyg.

Well, the plane ride(s) over were a trip (literally). Homosexual flight attendants, Movies starring our water bottles, and a new song on Garageband are some of the highlights from the plane rides.

Last night we saw the A team(no not that one), and it was a bit weird, honestly. They all seemed happy to see us, but really sad to be leaving. But it was more than that, I’m not sure what it was. They all seemed very somber, and weren’t all that interested in joking around.

Someone said it was a “life changing” experience for them, but I’m not quite sure how much one week can really change your life that significantly. I mean, it’s only one week out of your entire life. Eventually, things are gonna go back to the way they were.

Who knows, though. I could be saying the same thing at the end of the week. We’ll see if it’s all that they say it is…

Friday, June 18, 2004


Some of you know this already, but I am leaving our fair country on Saturday. (well, actually I’m going to Texas on Saturday, and leaving our fair country on SUNDAY. Oh well, Texas is close enough to a foreign country anyway.)

I’m travelling with my church, and we’re going to an orphanage down there. We’re gonna help with some construction, and just hanging with the kids and stuff. If you happen to think of it next week, feel free to pray for us. Just for the blessing on the trip, on the ministry, etc.

Also, spontaneous recollection of the 3 years of Spanish I took in High School would be a good thing too.


The :30

I’ve wanted to sleep in almost every day this week, since, you know, it being SUMMER and all. My mother, being the kind and considerate person she is, lets me do this. Of course her idea of “sleeping in” is 9:30, which does not entirely match mine.

I have no problem with the :30 part, it’s the 9 that pisses me off.

A new beginning

Well, It’s finally happened. I’ve graduated from Xanga. I know it’s a bit odd for some of you, but I really think that a “real” blog fit my online personality a bit better. Xangas have become nothing more than an over-simplified web-design showcase. I choose instead to get something where I can actually get my thoughts published on the web, on a place slightly less hostile to actual written content.

Not that I have anything against Xanga, I’ll still keep my username, and use it to comment, or perhaps write some short posts, but I think this will be my online home for now.

Okay, so it’s a bit naked now, that’ll be fixed soon.

Monday, June 14, 2004

A note on XangaagnaX

Note: All Previous posts are Imported from my previous "blog" at They're still me, but they're still Xanga.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

a lil too boring

Some have voiced concern that my layout is too boring. I’m not sure if they were actually worried about the amount of the average Blog of Blog reader’s enjoyment, or if this was nothing more than a masked attempt to enlist their Xanga-beautifying services on my humble weblog abode.

Well whatever the case, I say to them: hey, ur xanga entries are looking a lil too boring if ya know what i mean. mayb u should get something worth reading on that craphole u call a website.

I mean, having a nice looking website is cool and all, but if there’s nothing there to read, then why make it look pretty? I mean, I can put flowers and perfume and sprinkles on a pile of crap, but that doesn’t make it any less a pile of crap. Actually, that would be a pretty sick pile of crap if you ask me.

No, I refuse to make my website look pretty. I choose instead to have stuff people may actually enjoy reading instead. I know, it’s quite a radical concept, having something interesting to read, on HyperTEXT Transfer Protocol( that’s the http up there in your address bar, for the uninitiated).

But the thing is, most people don’t even care about having anything to say on their website, instead leaving




                                                           Of h.o.r.s.e




But then they can’t just stop there, they have to add all the other sprinkles on the proverbial pile of crap. In five areas, specifically.

1. The first thing they change is the pictures. I have one question though…who was it that thought it was just so incredibly original to put flowers on their page? Sure, they’re pretty, and I guess that distracts us from the fact that there’s nothing important to read on your site. Lets see, pretty flower, crappy site… pretty flower…crappy site…moving on…

2. In all honesty, there’s nothing wrong with having a background image. But if you do, please, please PLEASE make sure we can read the rest of your site. I know you REALLY want that huge picture of the sun, or close-up of a toucan, or still life of bubble wrap, but seriously. If we can’t read what you type, why make a site? I mean, if all you made a site for was for us to look at pictures, then for God’s sake, open a photoblog.

3. PLEASE do not put music on your site. I mean, if I’ve got iTunes open, listening to the smooth sounds of Ben Folds, Switchfoot, or Radiohead (yeah, I think I’ve got my bases mostly covered there…) the very LAST thing I want to hear when I open someone’ page is someone desperately trying to sing the words: “I’m not a perfect person…” yeah, NO SHIT SHERLOCK! One side note to hoobastunk: Being on a major record label is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. You don’t deserve to be signed, and you don’t deserve to be on my friend’s blog. Get off.

4. Honestly, why do you need to rename the eProps and comments? Honestly, eProps are a dumb idea anyway. When was the last time you saw someone give you 1 or 0 eProps? But however devoid of purpose the principle of eProps are, you deprive them further by actually renaming the damned things. And you don’t stop there, you have to rename EVERY FREAKING THING. To the point where I don’t know what to click on for what, it all becomes a jumbled mess, and your readers either do the honorable thing and commit hara-kiri, or just leave your little screwed up corner of the internet.

5. And while we’re on the subject I have something to say to some people out there, you know who you are. Now girls, don’t you think it’s gone far enough? I mean, I like The Beatles as much as the next guy, in fact probably more than the next guy, but let’s be honest here. Half of them are dead, and the other two are quite old. I think the time is passed to be talking about which one is the cutest. It really only degrades them, along with all 60’s druggie bands, not to mention make you guys look like crazed teenyboppers, obsessed with the superstars of yesteryear. Please, listen to the music, and leave it at that.

In short: a lil too boring, is better than a lot too boring. Or something…

Saturday, June 05, 2004


I was at a red light the other day, and next to me was a cop, idling in his squad car. Apparently thirsting for some melodious entertainment, He decided to turn on his radio. I thought I heard something strange, and I turned down my CD. I couldn't believe it. This cop was listening to Gansta Rap.

Think about that for a while. A cop listening to Gansta Rap. A COP listening to GANGSTA RAP!!

I mean, honestly... what does he want to do, bust a cap in his own ass?