Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Stories from the Hughes Clan

So we were at starbucks one day, and Brian got a call from his friend “Tim”. He’s been trying to get him to come to church, and so when he picks up, he says, “Tim! You need to freaking come to church…… Dude, I’m serious. Come to church before I kick your ass.”

I love my church.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

A *gasp* NORMAL entry!!

Okay, I got tired of not updating.

So my life has been kinda stressful lately. Mostly some crap with my mommy and daddy that I’d don’t care to go into. But suffice to say, I won’t be taking anybody to prom anytime soon.. or wait, that’s right. Ever. Not that it really matters, since no-one would go with me anyway. Oh, well. I’ll live.

Anyway. I am now officially going to messiah for sure. We sent off the deposit the other day, and I should be getting my student e-mail and whatever crap soon. It’s kind of weird thinking about it, actually. In less than 5 months, I’ll be out of the house, out of the state, and out of my mind.

And I can’t wait.

Because honestly, I really really REALLY want to leave. And I don’t say that to be mean, at all. I love my friends and family and church and stuff (YMV is okay). But… hey wait a second. Never mind. YMV sucks. Anyway, It’s not because I HATE anything so much, it’s just that I’m tired of things being the same way all the time. At messiah, they’ll be the “same”, but it’ll be a different kind of same. Like a “same” but “different”…………..except without the quotations.

If none of this makes sense, that’s fine. I really don’t give a crap. And I’m sorry for the below average post today, but I haven’t had any great ideas for entries up to this point. If you have any bright ideas, feel free to e-mail me at mattguy2k@yahoo.com.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Best. Analogy. Ever.

On the spring trip yesterday, we were at the pentagon, as some you may already know. Anyway, I was thirsty, so I decided to go over to the pepsi machine and buy a soda. I put in my 60 cents and pressed Dr. Pepper. Out comes a Mountain Dew and a Brisk Iced Tea with Lemon.

You could tell we were in a government building. They give you twice as much as you need, and nothing you want.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Oh, sorry. I’m a homeschooler.

So I was working at Chick-Fil-A the other day (which I do fairly often), and I went up to get a drink from the front (which I also do fairly often). And Brian is on register (which he does fairly often), and rings up the order. He says “that’ll be 10.66”.

“1066” I say, “That’s the year the Normans invaded England”

Luckily, Brian, who was also a homeschooler, piped in “Heck yeah. Battle of Hastings.”

I love homeschoolers.