Monday, February 23, 2004


Brian: So yeah, I was walking down the street, and all these people started bowing down and worshipping me. It was pretty sweet.

Paul (about himself): God has to have a sense of humor. He said “I’m just gonna make this really hot guy, but I’m not gonna give him a butt.”

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Here and There

Questionable Rectitude

I had a paper to do today, and since there was so much happening at my house, I decided to go to starbucks to get away from it all. My mother told me to bring her cell phone with me, and to not forget my books. I told her that of course I would remember, I’m not as irresponsible as she thinks I am, and that she was wasting her time telling me this.

Then I get to starbucks, and realize I forgot them both.


Now if only 1 in 3 won an iPod….

Apple and Pepsi are giving away 100 million song downloads for free. LEGALLY.

All is right with the world.


Except Michael Charlton

I have been made aware of something this past week. Clarinetists are hot.


Xanga 2.0

Yeah, so this is one of the “New Phase entries”. There’s really nothing that special about it, except it’s a bunch of little entries put together and made to look like it’s just one.

Well, I’ve made a new years resolution. Yeah, it’s a little late, but I figured if I had made it on new years’, I would have broken it already. This way, it’ll last longer. My two-months-into-the-year’s resolution is: I’m going to try to update more often. As many of you know, I have somewhat of a convoluted posting “process” which mostly consists of me staring a blank screen, while madly hitting random keys in the hopes that some sort of entertaining entry will appear.

Well NO LONGER!! I intend to write my entries, and write them better, and more often. I call this new initiative Xanga 2.0. And in appreciation of my new Xanga-ness, I am now opening the doors to you guys. Do YOU have a topic you want me to talk about? Do you have a problem you don’t mind sharing with the readers you’d like me to offer advice on? Do you want to spam my email account? Or do you just want to act like a frickin’ idiot? Then, by all means, e-mail me at, and put “Xanga Entry” in the subject.

I hope this is an ongoing thing, so I can do this regularly. But only you can make it work, guys.